Amsterdam Museum – The History of Amsterdam

Did you know that Amsterdam was first named Amestelledam? Or that the whole city is built on thousands of poles to protect it from sinking into the wet soil? And did you know that a butcher in theMiddle Ages invented a mechanical hoist to pull horses out of the canal because that was a common issue at the time?

If you’re curious about the history of this amazing city, start your vacation with a visit to the Amsterdam Museum!

The Amsterdam Museum is divided into 7 centuries. Their exhibit is called the “Amsterdam DNA Tour” because the key events of their history are highlighted with fascinating details. The tour shows the beginning of the city, the golden age, the reign of Napoleon and the following poverty, the second world war, and Amsterdam being the capital of freedom.

The Amsterdam Museum uses creative methods to make historical events real to us. Animated movies, original film material, photographs, historical artifacts, and activity stations are all included. It takes about an hour to do this tour.

The Amsterdam museum also provides additional galleries with paintings and historical objects.

At the end of your tour through the Amsterdam Museum, you are able to see a video about how the city of Amsterdam grew in size since 1275, when it only consisted of little villages along the Amstel river.

The Amsterdam museum offers a free section. Come see for yourself!



Amsterdam museum         2nd entrance:
Kalverstraat 92                   Sint Luciënsteeg 27
1012 PH Amsterdam         1012 PM Amsterdam

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