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What makes us the best hostel in Amsterdam for you? We have many reasons, but most importantly, how do our guests feel about the hostel?

Do they think we are the best hostel in Amsterdam? Yes!


Top 10 Reasons We Are the Best Hostel in Amsterdam

With our guests’ input, we composed a list of the top 10 reasons we are the best hostels in Amsterdam:

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  1. Our central location
  2. Value for money
  3. Our courtyard/garden
  4. Safety
  5. Cleaniness
  6. Our cozy café with delicious food
  7. Our activities
  8. Not business-oriented
  9. Our services
  10. Our staff

Best Hostel Amsterdam Dam

Reason 1: Our Central Location –     Best Hostel in Amsterdam

The best hostels in Amsterdam are located in the city’s center. Both of our hostels are located in the heart of Amsterdam, close to all of the tourist attractions that you need to see while you’re in Amsterdam.

Best hostel Amsterdam Friendly

Reason 2: Best Hostel in Amsterdam: Value for Money

In our hostels in Amsterdam, everything is included: Wifi, breakfast, sheets, blankets, lockers, maps, and showers. No hidden extras – all taxes are included in the low prices. We are one of the cheapest hostels in Amsterdam, but it doesn’t feel like a cheap hostel. We also offer some great deals for restaurants, canal cruises and museums. Purchase your Heineken Experience ticket from us, and get a discount of 2 euro’s. Or go for dinner in an Indian restaurant for only 5 euros. Read more on the page ‘Cheap Hostel Amsterdam’.

Best Hostel Amsterdam Garden

Reason 3: Best Hostel in Amsterdam: Our Courtyard/Garden

We are the best hostel in Amsterdam because we are one of the only ones to have a garden. We love our cozy outdoor area. It is a great place to hang out, meet new people or play a game of darts.

Best Hostel Amsterdam with Garden

Reason 4: Best Hostel in Amsterdam: Safety!

We are one of the best hostels in Amsterdam because our hostels are safe. We want to make sure that you enjoy your stay as much as possible; that’s why we have several safety precautions in our hostel: entrance tickets, 24 hour security, lockers, cameras, and other services to ensure that you and your belongings stay safe. We also have separate male and female dorms, so women travelling alone have nothing to worry about. Guests often compliment the feeling of safety at the Shelters, and to us, it’s one of the reasons we feel like a home.

Best Hostel Amsterdam CleaninessReason 5: Best Hostel in Amsterdam: Cleanliness

At the Shelter Hostels in Amsterdam, we find it absolutely necessary that you have clean bedrooms, bathrooms, and common areas. That’s why we clean all our rooms and bathrooms at least twice every day.

Best Hostel Amsterdam Cafe

Reason 6: Best Hostel in Amsterdam: Our Cozy Café with Delicious Food

What makes a hostel the best hostel in Amsterdam? It is whether or not people feel comfortable there. If you are looking for a cozy, personal, and homey hostel, the Shelters will be the best hostels in Amsterdam for you. We are a home for travelers and make them feel welcome. We would love to meet you in our cozy café. Take a moment to relax, write a couple of postcards, read a good book from our bookshelf, or get to know other travelers while playing a game.

Best Hostel Amsterdam Fair Trade MemberWhat else makes us one of the best hostels in Amsterdam? Food, of course. We have delicious food, and we are a member of Fair Trade Amsterdam.  At the Shelter we offer three options for breakfast, including a hot option.  We also have a take-away breakfast for those who leave early. The Shelter Jordan Amsterdam Hostel also has homemade dinners every night, and both hostels have a microwave and fridge for travelers on a budget!

Best Hostel in Amsterdam Open Mic

Reason 7: Best Hostel in Amsterdam: Our Activities

One of the great things we offer – that makes us one of the best hostels in Amsterdam – is our activities. Every day we have free activities; like a city walk, hostel night (with free food), a Dutch Food tasting, or a Bible Meditation. Check our daily activities in our hostels in Amsterdam.

Best Hostel Amsterdam SummerReason 8: Best Hostel in Amsterdam: Not Business-Oriented

In 1971 we started our hostel. Not for money, but for love – out of a dream. We are a Christian hostel. We want to serve with our heart. Money isn’t our motivation.  Guests often tell us that this hostel is like a warm bath, a breath of fresh air. We believe that the atmosphere in both of our Shelters makes us one of the best hostels in Amsterdam. Read more about the Identity of our youth hostels in Amsterdam.

Museum Discount Tickets AmsterdamReason 9: Best Hostel in Amsterdam: Our Services

As one of the best hostels in Amsterdam we know that you are coming for the city. You want to be informed; you want to rent a bike and get a discount for museum tickets and canal cruises. That is what we offer you.

Best Hostel Amsterdam Rent a Bike● Bike rental: Amsterdam is a city of bikes, and there is no better way to explore the city. Rent a bike in our hostel and save time.

● Museum discount tickets: Amsterdam is world-famous for its museums. We give you the opportunity to buy your museum tickets and canal cruises, some with discount, in our hostels and skip the line!

● Keep your luggage in our locked luggage storage area at reception before and after your stay with us.

Best Hostel Amsterdam Great service● We offer first-hand knowledge and insider tips for getting around the city and making the most out of your trip to Amsterdam!

● There is free Wi-Fi, so you can stay connected and use your device to plan your next adventure!

● Charging Service: Leave your phone, tablet, or laptop at reception and we’ll charge it and keep it safe while you’re sleeping or going out on the town!

Best hostel Amsterdam Hospitality

Reason 10: Best Hostel in Amsterdam: Our Staff

What makes us one of the best hostels in Amsterdam is our staff. We believe “Home is where you are welcomed with open arms!”. We are driven by Christian hospitality. We truly want to connect with you and get to know you. Read more about the identity of our youth hostels in Amsterdam.

Our staff members make us the best hostel in Amsterdam because they love making you feel welcome and sharing their lives with you. So book now and come spend some time in our cozy home!

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