Best ice cream in Amsterdam you don’t want to miss!

Best ice cream in Amsterdam you don’t want to miss!

Dutch summers seem to keep getting hotter. Records are broken every year. 38 degrees (Celcius) may seem normal now. But in our Dutch climate and with our fresh North Sea wind, we are not used to these temperatures AT ALL. Luckily there is an ice cream shop on almost every street corner. Well, luckily… In 2009, Monte Pelmo, a traditional ice cream factory in the Jordaan, ran into problems because they did not have a restaurant license. Closure threatened. The neighborhood did not like this at all and launched petitions and protests, and as a result, the regulations were adjusted: ice cream shops in Amsterdam no longer need a restaurant permit!

Experience the best ice cream in Amsterdam

From that moment on, ice cream shops popped up everywhere, much to the horror of the people of Amsterdam. Damstraat is full of them; but what tourist wants to go there? You want a unique experience, right? So that’s why we created a list of our favorite ice cream shops in Amsterdam. Enjoy the best ice cream in Amsterdam!

Our favorite and #1: Monte Pelmo

The place to go for the best ice cream in Amsterdam is found close to the Shelter Jordan. Even though the name sound Italian, this Jordanian ice cream factory is founded by locals in 1957. They still make delicious traditional ice cream! Enjoy

@Monte Pelmo, Tweede Anjeliersdwarsstraat 17 (well, try to remember that ;-)).

Ice cream favorites #2: v.d. Linde

It is here that time has stood still. The customers often line up outside, but they are often gone again because there is nothing to choose. The traditional bakery shop sells only one type of ice cream: whipped cream / vanilla. Definitely the tastiest version in Amsterdam if you ask us. And also very tasty meringues by the way.

@Pastry shop v.d. Linde, Nieuwendijk 183.

Best ice cream #3: Metropolitan Deli

The famous home-made ice cream from Dutch ice-cream guru Kees Raat, who also makes very good chocolate.

@Metropolitan Deli, Warmoesstraat 135A.

Best ice cream #4: Tofani

Long before Amsterdam was flooded with tourists, Tofani already sold good ice cream and very tasty Italian coffee. Good combination if you ask us! It is just around the corner of the Shelter City, so if you are up for a cool break, this is the place to be!

@Tofani, Kloveniersburgwal 16

Weirdest ice cream in Amsterdam #5: Ludo & Hedo

Potato, mayo, peanut, chili, onion and caramel; good combination? Then you really have to go to Ludo! Or how about oyster, pear and blue cheese? Definitely a good taste sensation! We would love to hear from you what you think about it! 😉

@Ludo & Hedo, Van Hallstraat 222.

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