Public Library Amsterdam - The Cultural Center of the Netherlands

The Public Library Amsterdam is the most-visited cultural institution in Amsterdam; every day (open from 10 am-10 pm) an average of 5000 people come there to read, research, study, or visit a free exhibition.

Facilities of the Public Library Amsterdam

The OBA (Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam) - or Public Library Amsterdam- opened its doors in 2007 with a modern building only a few minutes from Central Station. Since then it provides 28.000m² for 1, 8 Million visitors per year to broaden their knowledge. With 300 study pods with internet connection and 1000 seats to read or write on 6 floors, the Public Library Amsterdam is the perfect place to study. To quote a guest’s opinion on the Public Library Amsterdam: “This library has everything: escalators, computers, a café…oh yeah and also books of course!”

To make full use of all its facilities, there is the option to become a member. There are different types of passes, but all of them run for a whole year. So if you just come for a short trip to Amsterdam, this might not be the best solution for you. What is available for you without being a member is: reading books, magazines, newspapers, etc.; using the WIFI (1€ per 30 minutes), visiting the multiple exhibitions in the Expo Hall or between the bookshelves; joining a workshop or another activity in the theatre; or just hang out in the café La Place on the very top floor.  

Hanging Out at the Public Library Amsterdam

At the 7th floor of the Public Library Amsterdam you can find the self-service restaurant La Place, with free WIFI. It is known for its freshly-prepared, inexpensive food. You can go there for just a coffee and a snack or for breakfast or dinner. You will enjoy a great view over Amsterdam; attached to the restaurant of the Public Library Amsterdam there is a Panorama Terrace where you can look over the city center of Amsterdam. And if you’re there after 8 pm, take the chance to get the sweets and desserts for half-price!

If you are a more a down-to-earth person, you probably will like the Vapiano, which is a self-service pasta and pizza restaurant, at the ground floor of the library.  Nevertheless, you’ll see that the Public Library Amsterdam is a great place to be!

The Public Library Amsterdam- Insider’s Tip

When you enter the Public Library Amsterdam, on your left hand you will see stairs leading down to the children’s and youth area. Although you might be older than 12, you should just take a little look down there. What you will find in the middle of this area is the “Muizenhuis”- Dutch for micehouse. The artist Karina Schaapman built this 2mx3m big house with more than 100 rooms. Each room is uniquely furnished! Little knitted mice are doing their daily business: selling cheese, teaching in school, playing football, caring for the little baby mice, etc…it is a wonderful piece of art, enjoyable for children AND adults!  The Public Library Amsterdam is interesting for people young and old.

Pubilc Library Amsterdam - Hours

The Public Library Amsterdam is daily opened from 10 am until 10 pm.

Public Library Amsterdam - Location


Public library Amsterdam
Oosterdokskade 143
1011DL Amsterdam

Shelter City Hostel Amsterdam - Public Library Amsterdam (a 13 minute walk)

1. Walk out of the Hostel and turn to the left. At the end of the Barndesteeg you turn left again and follow the street till you come to the 4th street on your left side, called Gelderskade.

2. Turn into this one and walk it till the end.

3. Now you turn to your right and cross the big street at you left hand at the next stoplight. Go over the bridge and turn at the next stoplights to your right.

4. You are at the Oosterdokkade now. Follow this street till you stand in front of the Public Library Amsterdam with its huge letters “bibliotheek” written on its fassade.

5. Enjoy your time at the Public Library of Amsterdam!


Shelter Jordan Amsterdam Hostel - Public Library Amsterdam

1. Get on Tram 13 or 17 at the stop Marnixstraat/Rozengracht.

2. Get off at Central Station.

3. Facing Central Station, you then walk to the right on the Oosterdokkade. Soon you will see a big building with the letter “bibliotheek” written on it; this is the Public Library Amsterdam.

4. Enjoy your time at the Public Library of Amsterdam!



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