The Van Gogh Museum

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the world’s most famous artists. Did you know that he was Dutch? When you plan your trip to Amsterdam, make sure to have a look at the biggest collection of his works, which you can find in the Van Gogh museum. It is definitely worth it!

The Van Gogh Museum was opened in 1973, and in 2013 it was the 2nd most-visited museum in Holland.

The Van Gogh Museum contains paintings, drawings, and letters. One main perk of the Van Gogh Museum is getting to know Van Gogh’s life. You will have the opportunity to see letters which Van Gogh wrote to his brother and his contemporaries, so that you may learn more about his different relationships with his family and other artists.

The Van Gogh Museum shows Van Gogh’s artistic development from his early years until his death. So you will be able to learn a lot about the “post impressionism,” a period of art shaped largely by Van Gogh himself. Like the pictures in the Van Gogh Museum show, the artist worked with vivacious, bizarre, and random colours; geometric patterns; and alteration of forms to give them more expression.

The Van Gogh Museum also offers guided tours, a special evening program on Friday nights, and workshops.


Van Gogh Museum - Van Gogh´s Life and Work

Vincent Van Gogh was born in March 1853 in Holland and is acknowledged as the most popular Dutch painter after Rembrandt. He decided to become an artist when he was 27 and influenced the post-impressionist era. With paintings like “Starry Night” or “Sunflowers” his publicity increased a lot, so nowadays they are as famous as the “Mona Lisa” or “The Last Supper”.

But actually, he first became famous after his death in 1890. Throughout his life he remained unknown and it is said that he only sold one painting during his lifetime.

So you might say he lived a really poor life, but he was financially and emotionally supported by his brother Theo, who had a good relationship with him. So he managed to complete about 2,100 works. Nevertheless, Van Gogh suffered from mental issues that led him to commit suicide in July 1890 in France. If you want to learn more, go and visit the Van Gogh Museum!


Van Gogh Museum - Hours

The Van Gogh Museum is open every day from 9 am to 5pm, until 10 pm on Fridays and also on Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year.

Plan to have about 75 minutes, if you want to see the whole Van Gogh Museum and be aware that the last admission is 30 minutes before the Van Gogh Museum closes.

Van Gogh Museum’s busiest times are from 11 am to 3 pm, so if you want to have a relaxed tour, come earlier or later.


Van Gogh Museum - Prices

Adults (18 and older): 15 € (from 1 April 2015: 17 €)

Visitors under the age of 18, ICOM members, Museumkaart- and Rembrandtkaart owners: free admission

Holland Pass owners: 13.50 € (from 1 April 2015: 15.50 €)

CJP owners: 12 €  (from 1 April 2015: 13.60 €)

Stadspas owners: 7.50 € (from 1 April 2015: 8.50 €)


Van Gogh Museum - Location


Van Gogh Museum
Paulus Potterstraat 7
1071 CX Amsterdam


Shelter City Hostel Amsterdam - Van Gogh Museum (a 28 minute walk, 10 minutes by bike)

From the Shelter City, turn left and immediately turn right.

1. Follow Kloveniersburgwal which becomes Nieuwe Doelenstraat.

2. After crossing the canal, turn left and follow Muntplein and Vijzelstraat.

3. Turn right and cross Keizersgracht at the first occasion.

4. After that walk straight until you reach Museumplein.

5. Cross the Park behind Rijksmuseum on the right until you reach Paulus Potterstraat. There you will find the Van Gogh Museum.


Shelter Jordan Amsterdam Hostel - Van Gogh Museum (a 25 minute walk, 11 minutes by bike)

1. Out of the hostel, turn right, and follow the street until you reach Prinsengracht.

2. Turn right, and follow Prinsengracht until you reach Museumbrug.

3. Turn right, cross the canal, cross Stadhouderskade, and you will reach Museumplein.

4. Cross the Park behind Rijksmuseum on the right until you reach Paulus Potterstraat.

5. There you will find the Van Gogh Museum.


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