Volendam – A True Dutch Experience

When in Amsterdam, why not visit a typical Dutch village nearby? Well, lucky you; Volendam is a seaside village – located 22 km away from Amsterdam (around 30 min) -  that is well known for its rich history and culture.

Facts about Volendam

  • Volendam is located in North Holland in the Netherlands and is the home of around 22.000 people.

  • During the 1920’s ,Volendam was the harbor of Edam – a nearby city. But with the creation of a new harbor, it became a community for local fisherman and farmers.  They named it Volendam – “filled dam”.

  • Another important fact is the traditional costumes and you should know that you can actually take a picture of yourself dressed in this clothing!

  • The eel was once a staple food of Volendam; nowadays, due to the scarcity, it has become a delicacy.

  • Last but not least; at the end of the 60’s, Volendam created its own style of pop music called Palingsound – “eel sound” . The story goes that there was this band that used to bring eels to the people who were responsible for the local radio channel so that they would play the artists they liked. Ever since, all the Volendam artists are part of the Palingsound; Jan Smit, Nick & Simon, 3Js, BZN, and many more = all shown at the Palingsound museum.


Must Do’s in Volendam

  • Visit the Volendam museum – to get into the history and culture

  • Have a look at the Palingsound museum – to feel more Dutch

  • Walk through the Volendam harbor – to see a living museum

  • Take a picture of yourself in the traditional Volendam clothing – to have a laugh

  • Try some real Volendam eel – for the real Volendam experience

  • Take a lot of pictures – to never forget

  • Have a look in the shops – because why not?

  • Buy a typical Volendam postcard, go to one of the nice cafés or restaurants and, inspired by all the things you have seen and done, and write something in the postcard – to close your stay


How do I get to Volendam from the Shelter City Hostel Amsterdam or the Shelter Jordan Amsterdam Hostel?

  1. Go to the central station.

  2. Take the bus at CS IJzijde (number 316  direction Edam-Volendam) just behind central station, to Vissersstraat Volendam.

  3. You’ll be in the bus for around 30 minutes and 1 one-way ticket will cost you around € 4,30.



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