Amsterdam’s beautiful markets  

If you don't like shopping, please don't leave this page, I promise, even YOU, will enjoy shopping at at least one of the following places!

Of course, as the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is a paradise for shopaholics. All the big, famous (and expensive) clothing labels are represented and you can spend hours in the main shopping areas.

An alternative would be to explore the various markets, make some really good deals, get to know the city, enjoy typical dutch food and have interesting conversations with the salesmen.


#1 The Flowermarket (Bloemenmarkt)

  • What: The Flowermarket of Amsterdam isn't just the most well-known in the Netherlands, but also the only floating flower market in the world! Since 1862 flowers, bulbs, seeds, Christmas trees in the winter season and souvenirs have been sold here. But notice that some of the bulbs may not be legal in your country, so take a look at the labels or ask the merchant.
  • Where: Singel 630 to 600 in Amsterdam
  • When: Mo-Sat 9am-6pm
  • What we think: One of the “must-see”s in Amsterdam, but don't expect too much. Quite touristy but it’s still worth to walk along and have a look and buy some souvenirs.


#2 Waterlooppleinmarkt

  • What: Located in the former Jewish quarter, next to the opera house and city hall you will find one the oldest flea markets in Amsterdam: the Waterlooplein Market. At around 300 stands you can buy almost everything, including secondhand clothing, electronics, accessories and general bric-a-brac.
  • Where: Waterlooplein in Amsterdam
  • When: Mo-Sat 9am-6pm
  • What we think: Busy, crazy, various, colorful; everything Amsterdam stands for.
  • Web:


#3 Albert Cuypmarket

  • What: The Albert Cuypmarket, or short “de cuyp” is the largest street market in the Netherlands and opened for the first time in 1905. Surrounded by ethnic shops, cafés and bars you can taste typical dutch food, buy fresh vegetables fruits and fish, as well as clothing, fabrics and jewelry.
  • Where: Albert Cuypstraat
  • When: Mo-Sat 9am-5pm
  • Web:


#4 Nieuwmarket

  • What: Just a few minutes from Centraal Station and next to the Shelter City you will find a square with a building, that looks a little bit like a small castle (de Waag). During the week there are just a few stand with cheese and flowers, but on the weekend the whole square is suddenly full of them. Saturday’s there is a traditional farmer's market (Boerenmarkt); traditional because its history goes back to the 17th century. From May until October there is an Antique Market on Sundays.
  • Where: Nieuwmarkt 
  • When: Farmer's Market: 9am-5pm
  • Antique Market: May-Oct 9am-5pm


#5 Jordaanmarkets

Originally an overcrowded and poor area for the working class, the Jordaan area became the artist district with many cosy cafés and bars. In this beautiful area, where the Shelter Jordan is located, you can find a market on almost every day of the week. The following three are only the biggest and nicest ones:

5.1 Lindengrachtmarket

  • What: Fruits, vegetables, cheese, fish, flowers, general goods, bikes, clothes and more on 900 meters, from one end of the Lindengracht to the other.
  • Where: Lindengracht
  • When: Sat 9am-5pm
  • What we think: Saturday = fresh Stroopwafels-Day! Go there and check them out! But also a very nice place to have some fresh juice or a sandwich.

5.2 Westermarkt/ Lapjesmarkt

  • What: Mainly textiles, vintage clothes and shoes, but also some books, CDs and small goods.
  • Where: Westerstraat
  • When: Mo 9am-1pm

5.3 Noordermarket

  • What: Around the beautiful Noorderkerk there is a small flea market with second-hand goods and antiques on Monday, leading over to the Westermarkt, while on Saturday there is a Boerenmarkt, a farmer's market, which is so popular that a book has been published about it. Then you can buy some fresh vegetables, fruits, bread, cheese, pasta, meat, waffles or crêpes. Basically everything you need to fill your stomach. But there are also some stands with jewelry, crafts and other goods.
  • Where: Noordermarkt
  • When: Sat 9am-5pm
  • What we think: great, familiar atmosphere, that makes you feel like a local. The goods are very fresh and tasty and after the shopping you can sit in one of the Cafés (suggestion: Café Winkel) and watch the people walking by.
  • Web:

#6 Rembrandtplein Art Market

  • What: In honor of Rembrandt (for all who don't know: he was a VERY famous artist from Amsterdam) every Sunday from March until October, local artists exhibit and sell their paintings at Rembrandtplein, a square with a 3D version of his painting “The Night Watch”.
  • Where: Rembrandtplein
  • When: March to October
  • What we think: As Rembrandtplein is one of the “must-sees” in Amsterdam anyway, why not go there on a Sunday, to see the different paintings and the creativity of the artists. The square itself is really bustling with activity, surrounded by Cafés, Bars and the Club Escape, hosting the famous Hillsong Church, to which a lot of young people go on Sundays.
  • Web:


#7 Book market Spui (de boekenmarkt op het spui)

  • What: The “Spui” (pronounced “Spau”) is a small square next to the Begijnhof in the center of Amsterdam. Once a week, around 25 booksellers from all over the Netherlands come and sell old, used or out-of-print books, comics, maps or posters. Most of the books are in Dutch, but you can also find some in English, German or French.
  • Where: Spuistraat
  • 1012 VR Amsterdam
  • When: Fri 10am-6pm
  • What we think: A nice little market for all book-fans


#8 Ten Katemarkt

  • What: In the west of Amsterdam, in a small shopping street you can find the Ten Katenmarkt, which is over 100 years old. On this small neighborhood market you can buy food, clothing, fabrics or flowers.
  • Where: Ten Katestraat
  • When: Mo-Sat 10am-5pm
  • What we think: One of the more local markets
  • Web:


#9 Dappermarkt

  • What: Quite multicultural and international is the Dappermarkt in the East of Amsterdam. You can buy a lot of fresh products and exotic food here as well as appliances and other goods. From time to time they also have special events or live music.
  • Where: Dapperstraat
  • When: Mo-Sat 9am-5pm
  • What we think: A good place to meet locals, vibrant and multicultural
  • Web:


#10 IJ-Hallen

  • What: Once a month, all of  Amsterdam (well almost all of Amsterdam)  takes the ferry NDSM-werf and streams toward the IJ-Hallen, the site of the biggest flea market in Europe! Whatever you're looking for, second-hand clothes, shoes, bags, jewelery, furniture: you'll find it there. Entrance price: 5€
  • Where: T.T. Neveritaweg 15, Amsterdam-Noord
  • When: Once a month; for more information check the website
  • What we think: The perfect place to shop, if you like flea markets. It's huge, so the possibility that you find what you're looking for is big and the prices are very low, but it takes a lot of time to see everything.
  • Web: 


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