Amsterdam Museum – The History of Amsterdam

Did you know that Amsterdam was first named Amestelledam? Or that the whole city is built on thousands of poles to protect it from sinking into the wet soil? And did you know that a butcher in theMiddle Ages invented a mechanical hoist to pull horses out of the canal because that was a common issue

Jewish Historical Museum Amsterdam

In the 17th century, the golden age of the Netherlands, Jewish culture flourished in Amsterdam. The city was open-minded to religion, so Jews were allowed to build synagogues and practice Judaism. Most Jews settled in the same area and formed the Jewish quarter, which today is located near

Royal Palace Amsterdam

The Royal Palace Amsterdam nowadays is a public space and museum open for everyone. It was restored between 2005 and 2009 and is worth a visit. Only on Koningsdag King’s Day), and Dodenherdenking (Remembrance Day) or when the Royal Family is expecting high guests; the Royal Palace Amsterdam is used

Hermitage Museum Amsterdam

The Hermitage museum, located on the banks of Amsterdam’s Amstel river is the Dutch branch of the world-famous Hermitage in Saint Petersburg (Russia). The Hermitage Amsterdam is a unique exhibition and cultural educational centre, portraying Russian history and culture. Visitors can find

Resistance Museum

Resistance Museum Amsterdam – WWII in Holland One year after World War II broke out, the Nazis occupied Holland. On the 14th of May 1940, the Dutch government surrendered, and the Nazis reigned until May 1945 when Germany lost the war against the Allies. The Resistance Museum Amsterdam

Stedelijk Museum

For anyone interested in contemporary and modern art, a visit of the Stedelijk Museum is definitely worth it. It is the fourth most-visited Museum in Amsterdam. On two floors, different exhibits show about 90,000 contemporary art works from the early 20th century until now. Van Gogh, Monet

Best Museums Amsterdam

Best Museums Amsterdam

If you are a museum fan, there are about 50 museums Amsterdam has in story for you. We created a list of the best museums amsterdam has, the must see museums in Amsterdam. 1. Amsterdam Museum – The History of Amsterdam Did you know that Amsterdam was first named Amestelledam? And that the

24 hours in Amsterdam!

Although Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands, the city is quite small. But still, there are many interesting things to see and do. When you only have 24 hours to visit, it can be difficult to decide what to do and what to leave out. In order to make the most of your 24 hours in this

Amsterdam on a budget

Taking a trip to one of the most popular cities in the world can definitely be expensive – but it doesn’t have to be! Amsterdam has plenty of options for tourists on a budget. There are plenty of things to do in Amsterdam that won’t cost you a cent. Our staff at Shelter Youth Hostels have put

7x must do in Amsterdam

Congratulations and welcome to Amsterdam! You’ve set foot in our tiny, little country, and you’ve made our illustrious capital city your first stop. So, what’s next? Let yourself be guided by the following must do in Amsterdam list and we guarantee you’ll have a blast. #1. Must do in Amsterdam:

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