Heineken Experience

The former Heineken Brewery in Amsterdam, a national monument and listed in the European Route of Industrial Heritage, offers some 3000 square metres of special exhibition space. Millions of hectolitres of Heineken beer were brewed here from 1868. As the brewing company grew, so did Amsterdam, and

Amsterdam Museum – The History of Amsterdam

Did you know that Amsterdam was first named Amestelledam? Or that the whole city is built on thousands of poles to protect it from sinking into the wet soil? And did you know that a butcher in theMiddle Ages invented a mechanical hoist to pull horses out of the canal because that was a common issue

Jewish Historical Museum Amsterdam

In the 17th century, the golden age of the Netherlands, Jewish culture flourished in Amsterdam. The city was open-minded to religion, so Jews were allowed to build synagogues and practice Judaism. Most Jews settled in the same area and formed the Jewish quarter, which today is located near

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