Charity Amsterdam: Tot Heil des Volks

Did you know that by staying in our Shelter hostels, you support local charity in Amsterdam? The charity behind our two Shelter hostels is THDV (Tot Heil des Volks – ‘For the salvation of the people’). THDV was founded in 1855 by Jan de Liefde (his last name means ‘Love’ in Dutch – his actual name!). He saw the poverty in Amsterdam and decided to leave his rich Canal house and reach out to poor people. He walked through the slums of Amsterdam, giving help to those in need. Throughout the years, his work expanded, up till today. Our organization reaches out to those in need; the homeless, prostitutes, addicts and children growing up in poverty. Over more than 160 years our story has not changed; we offer help and reach out to the most vulnerable people in our society.

Helping sex workers in need in Amsterdam

The red light district in Amsterdam is famous in the whole world. In this area prostitution takes place as a legal business under Dutch law. Over 6.000 women and men offer themselves daily as prostitutes in the Amsterdam Area. A large group of them come from poor Eastern European countries and are victims of sex trafficking. Criminal organizations make big profits out of their misery. Women are often forced into prostitution because of debts, promises made by pimps, harsh violence or difficult circumstances. We reach out to these women and men and help them in every way we can (legal advice, shelter, physical needs, other work, press charges against human traffickers). This charity in Amsterdam’s goal is to offer hope and a new beginning.

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Charity Amsterdam for the homeless

There are 30.000 homeless people in The Netherlands. In our homeless shelters (not our hostels, but actual homeless shelters) we offer every day a safe place to 150 people in need. We provide them with coffee, a meal and a warm place where they can talk, rest, take a shower and receive fresh clothes. Not only Dutch people visit our places, we are open for everybody with or without papers. 

Helping children in poverty

In Amsterdam around 35.000 children grow up in poverty. Often, there is not enough food, supplies or toys for them to develop in a healthy way. These children have a hard time getting by in school and live in areas that are not safe. We provide them with a safe ‘home’ where they are welcome after school. We help them with their homework, provide healthy meals, teach them new skills and practice sports. 

charity amsterdam, free from addiction

Becoming free from addiction?

In Amsterdam (and many other places in the Netherlands) drugs are easy to find, in so called ‘coffeeshops’ drugs can be legally ordered and used. Addiction is a huge problem; under the influence of drugs it is not possible to have normal day jobs or to sustain healthy relationships and family life. The physical effects of drugs are huge and addicts are unable to stop on their own. We help addicts to live free of drugs and rebuilt their lives. In our program they receive training, coaching and they can join our weekly meetings. Also we help their families to take steps in reconciliation and acceptance. We believe in the power of prevention; so we visit schools and youth clubs with former addicts to warn about the dangers of drugs. 

Christian charity Amsterdam

THDV is a Christian organization; we reach out to those in need with the love that Jesus had for people. He is our example and inspiratory and we long for people to live their lives free of poverty, prostitution or addiction. Through staying in the hostels, you support the work of THDV to help people in need in Amsterdam. So thank you for staying with us!

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