Dorms in Amsterdam

Dorms in Amsterdam

Are you looking for dorms in Amsterdam? If you are looking for a centrally located, safe, cozy, quiet and cheap accommodation in Amsterdam, the Shelter hostels are the place to be! Because there are no drugs or alcohol allowed in our hostels, we offer a different vibe than other hostels: it is safe, cozy and quiet. The ultimate accommodation to rest after full days of exploring the city of Amsterdam!

About our hostel dorms in Amsterdam

In our two hostels in the city centre of Amsterdam, we offer dorms with bunk beds for 2, 4, 5, 6, 10, 16, 18 and 20 people. Our dorms are non-mixed. So we only offer male dorms and female only dorms. Different dorms can share same-sex bathrooms on the same floor. We offer a few dorms with bath rooms ensuite in our Shelter City Hostel Amsterdam.

Female only hostel Amsterdam

If you are looking for a female only hostel Amsterdam, book a bed in our hostel! Although we offer dorms in Amsterdam both men and women, we don’t have mixed rooms. We only offer male-only dorms and female-only dorms. Especially in our Shelter Jordan Amsterdam Hostel, we even have separated floors. This means you will never share a dorm or bathroom with someone from the opposite sex.

Check out the different types of dorms in Amsterdam we offer in our hostels below.

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