• Anne Frank House

    Anne Frank House

    The most popular attraction in Amsterdam is the Frank House, the very place from which Anne Frank wrote her diary during WWII. Just down the street from the Shelter Jordan Hostel, it's a unique peek into history.

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  • Tulip Museum

    Tulip Museum

    See Holland's famously treasured tulips and pack up some to bring home with you at Amsterdam's Tulip Museum!

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  • Rembrandt Museum

    Rembrandt Museum

    This museum is home to over 300 paintings by Rembrandt, and it's definitely a worthwhile stop during your time in Amsterdam. Uniquely located in Rembrandt's own house.

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  • Stedelijk Museum

    Stedelijk Museum

    Get a discount and skip the line when you buy your ticket to this amazing museum of modern art and design from the Shelter Hostels Amsterdam. 

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  • Resistance Museum

    Resistance Museum

    Click here to learn more about Holland's Resistance Museum and see how the Dutch people responded to the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. It's truly a fascinating museum.

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  • Hermitage Museum

    Hermitage Museum

    Visit the beautiful Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam to see unique historical exhibitions, centering on Russia and St. Petersburg, a city with Dutch roots.

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  • Royal Palace Museum

    Royal Palace Museum

    The Royal Palace in Amsterdam, no longer home to the royal Oranje family, is still a beautiful sight to see, directly in the center of Amsterdam in Dam Square.  Click for details.

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  • Jewish Historical Museum

    Jewish Historical Museum

    Click to learn about Amsterdam's Jewish Historical Museum, and see how the Jewish population of the Netherlands has influenced its history!

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  • Amsterdam Museum

    Amsterdam Museum

    Click for more information about Amsterdam's own museum, detailing the history of this extravagantly rich yet entirely unique city, which brought wealth and fame to the Netherlands.

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