About Amsterdam tourism

About Amsterdam tourism

Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands. It was originally founded in the 12th century as a fishing village. It received his name from the Amstel River and the dam that was built to avoid the floods from the South Sea. Herring and beer trade with free passage helped Amsterdam to grow and earn an important role in trade worldwide. Last year Amsterdam tourism brought over 17 million people to the city. On this page we give you an overview of some general information and fun facts about Amsterdam. For must see and travel recommendations, check our Cityguide to discover the hidden treasures Amsterdam has to offer!

Amsterdam Tourism – Fun Facts

Inhabitants 872,779
Nationalities 180
Bicycles 881,000
Percentage of people who cycle daily 58%
Parks 50
Ferry routes 9
Markets 38
Canals 165
Bridges 1,281
Houseboats 2,500
Windmills 8
Museums 50
Concerts and theatrical performances per day 25
Theatres and concert halls 55
Cafés and bars 1,515
Restaurants 1,325

Most visited city in the world

So how did Amsterdam become one of the most-visited cities in the world? Well, Amsterdam is a gorgeous city. It conjures up images of tulips, canals, houseboats, and museums. The city’s wealth made it a main attraction, an opportunity to experience the finer things in life. Many famous painters lived in Amsterdam, and you can find many famous works of art in the museums here. Of course, nowadays Amsterdam’s tourism is based on its image as a party capital. Amsterdam’s tourism contributes largely to its wealth today.

Amsterdam Tourism Today

Amsterdam is famous for exquisite streets, decorated with flowers, and separated by canals. But most of Amsterdam tourism is based on the coffee shops and the Red Light District. Without reservation, we would say this is a pity. Amsterdam is a beautiful city, with rich history around every corner. Especially if you visit Amsterdam for drugs and the Red Light District, you miss out on so much! Of course, marijuana and prostitution are both legal in Amsterdam. And we know this brings a lot of tourists from places in the world where drugs are illegal. But it is bad business. At least 1.4% of the Dutch inhabitants use weed on a daily basis. Indeed, there are many people addicted to drugs. But for many Dutch people, using drugs isn’t appealing at all. Over 75% of the Dutch inhabitants have never even tried weed in their life.

Amsterdam Tourism & the Red Light District

Most likely Amsterdam is perhaps most famous for the Red Light District. Women in lingerie, dancing in the windows, inviting men in. Evidently much of Amsterdam’s tourism is based on this phenomenon. Although it may seem a good profession since the government regulates the industry, a large percentage of sex workers contrarily are trafficked or manipulated. Only if you know what’s going on behind the windows, you might think twice about visiting that part of the city. Read more about what’s behind the Red Light District Amsterdam here.

Amsterdam’s tolerance and cultural diverseness

For a country renowned for its tolerance and welcoming attitude, Amsterdam is one of the few countries that has a coalition government. This means everyone’s views are respected and represented. With over 180 nationalities residing in the city, Amsterdam is as diverse as they come. People come to Amsterdam for the international atmosphere. Amsterdam tourism attracts visitors from all over the globe.

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