Keukenhof Gardens - a Flower Paradise

In springtime, all of Holland blossoms in every imaginable colour. Tulip season.

Keukenhof, which is located southwest of Amsterdam, is an especially gorgeous garden. It is a 32 hectar area established in 1949, built on the land of the former Countess of Hainaut. It was an herb garden at that time, so it was called “Keukenhof”, which is Dutch for “kitchen courtyard”.

It was transformed into a tulip garden to build a platform where gardeners could show off their newest varieties of tulips. Currently about 7 million bulbs are planted every year.

Explore the Keukenhof

You will find different garden styles: e.g. English, Japanese, or Historical, where the original tulip bulbs are planted. This can give you inspiration for your own garden and makes your trip through Keukenhof even more interesting and wonderful.

It is a paradise for children, too, as they can have fun in the fresh air, on natural playgrounds and on little farms with goats and sheep.

Keukenhof - Hours

It is only open from 20th March until 17th May. It is open from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm.

Keukenhof - Prices

Adults: 16€

Children up to the age of 3: free

Children from the age of 4 until 11: 8€

Groups (20-200 persons): 23,50€ per person

Park guide: 5€

Parking fee: 6€

Keukenhof - Location


Stationsweg 166a

Amsterdam Central Station - Keukenhof (1h 30 min):

The easiest way is to take the train and the bus.

  1. Take the train to Schiphol.

  2. Change into Bus #361 towards Noordwijk ZH.

  3. Get out at Lisse, Vreewijk.

  4. Turn left on Heereweg.

  5. At the roundabout take the first exit and walk straight on Keukenhofdreef.

  6. Walk straight when you reach the next roundabout.

  7. Walk on Stationsweg until you reach Keukenhof.



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