Stories and fun facts about Amsterdam

Sightseeing can be really exhausting, especially when you are traveling through many different cities or even countries in a short period. Often our attention is lost as soon as we hear even one of the many “important” dates or numbers guides throw at us. So we would like to help you out and tell you our favorite stories and fun facts about Amsterdam!

1. Fun facts about Amsterdam – is it the capital city of coffee?

The Netherlands is the 3rd ranking country in coffee consumption. They were the first European country who brought back coffee trees from Mocha. Make sure to check out one of the lovely cafés during your stay here and enjoy your coffee for “Koffietijd” (=coffee time).

2. Fun facts about Amsterdam: watch out for the Orange Giants

Okay, Dutch people are not orange for real. But keep that color in mind because we’ll explain it to you later. However, the truth is that Dutchies are the tallest people in the world. Some say Dutchies are this tall because of their DNA, while think that it is because of their high consumption of dairy products. Whatever the reason may be, Dutchies are tall!


In the 19th centurym Amsterdam was full of horses. No wonder, that in a city with so much water, accidents were common and frequent. Horses fell into the canals regularly. To solve this problem, a butcher named J.C.Sinck developed a special winch-like machine, in order to pull horses out of the canals. If it was too late to rescue them you could buy your horse meat the next day in his shop. Hmm, delicious!


No, orange is NOT the color of the Dutch flag. Actually it’s not even found on the flag. Maybe you have already seen a soccer game of the Netherlands, seeing the fans waving their orange flags like crazy. The answer is as simple as the color: Orange is the color of the Dutch Royal family. On King’s Day, which happens every year in April, the entire country turns orange. Our suggestion: Don’t miss this Must-See Event in Amsterdam and stay in the Shelter for this special celebration!


Of course not! Amsterdam is the 1st Venice. Simply because we have more canals- (and drowned bikes in said canals)- than the charming romantic city in Italy. If you want to know the exact numbers, read more about it in Amsterdam Tourism Facts.

That wraps up our short selection of interesting facts! Amsterdam is a fun city and exciting stories are found everywhere. If you’re a guest at the Shelter and want to hear other fascinating stories, then we want to invite you to our free walking tour on Saturday mornings. We hope to see you there soon!

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