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Reviews from Groups

Over the years we received numerous groups of people from all over the world. We collected all the reviews of the past few years and collected them on the page below. Check out the reviews yourself!

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Overall Rating



Price 88% 92%
Location 98% 89%
Reservation Process 92% 87%
Check-in 90% 94%
Reception Staff 92% 93%
Café Staff 91% 91%
Accommodation 75% 81%
Facitilites 78% 87%
Breakfast 79% 88%
Check-out 91% 91%
Food Tasting Event 100% 90%
Canal Cruise 100% 90%











Group reviews over the past few years

  • We enjoyed very much to stay in your hostel. There were nice and interesting people, and for a 4-days-trip your hostel claims our requirements! (24 from Germany, 3 nights at Shelter Jordan)
  • We had a very good staying in your hostel! we liked it  very much, that it is a Christian hostel, with no drugs and alcohol.  By the way, the coffee for breakfast was great! (22 from Germany, 2 nights at Shelter City)
  • we had a great time in your hostel (12 from Germany, 2 nights at Shelter City)
  • food and staff were excellent . I would defenitely recommend your hostel!! (21 from France, 1 night at Shelter Jordan)
  • As we already said when we were with you, we had an excellent time with you and look back on it with great pleasure. Soon I will send you an e-mail about booking next year…. (29 from Holland, 3 nights at Shelter Jordan)
  • I just wanted to write to you to say thank you for a wonderful weekend. . A nice, small hostel with no smoking or drinking meant that I felt completely comfortable bringing a group of boys to stay. I thought the hostel was very tasteful in it’s decor and our staff who do not have a faith felt completely comfortable throughout which I think is a great compliment. The option to participate in bible studies, church etc is there but it was not forced upon anyone which I think is a really great witness for those without a faith. The Shelter in Jordan was absolutely perfect for us and the boys really enjoyed their stay. The location was fantastic and the facilities inside were excellent. Finally, the staff throughout the weekend were so caring and friendly which made everyone feel very comfortable. I will most certainly come to stay with you again and will recommend the hostel for future trips to Amsterdam. (18 from UK, 2 nights at Shelter Jordan)
  • Great location (10 from Germany, 2 nights at Shelter City)
  • everything fine! 🙂 Thank you very much for everything (12 from Spain, 2 nights at Shelter Jordan)
  • We were very satisfied for our visit to your hostel. Most important things were price, location and your hostel rules. We travelled with students, so it was important, that alcohol and drugs were not allowed in your hostel. (20 from Finland, 3 nights at Shelter Jordan)
  • everybody was very satisfied about the hostell. (8 from Italy, 5 nights at Shelter City)
  • I write you to say thank you. We are all very happy about our stay in Shelter city. The staff was very kind, friendly and very attentif. The facilities and services were very good 🙂 We were looking for a nice, quiet, and nearby-downtown hostel and Shleter was the best option. We don’t regret about chossing you. Our stay was awesome. THANK YOU SO MUCH Hope to see you soon in Amsterdam; (10 from Mexico, 3 nights at Shelter City)
  • all has been very perfect and confortable. Thank u and to all staff too for those special days !! (10 from Italy, 2 nights at Shelter City)
  • Thanks for letting us stay at your hostel and hopefully we can stay again next year! (26 from Holland, 1 night at Shelter City)
  • It was great, the students found it a wonderful experience. (20 from Holland, 1 night at Shelter Jordan)
  • We had a really great time, and nothing to complain about! (10 from Holland, 1 night at Shelter Jordan)
  • I found the hostel so cute and cozy. It was all good, the beds and the bathroom were clean and all the people who work there were extremely polite and attentive. Thank you very much for your attention, I will certainly recommend you guys to my friends! (9 from Brazil, 3 nights at Shelter Jordan)
  • thank you, everything was fine and the group enjoyed the stay in your house very much. For more than 10 we visit  Amsterdam in Autumn (Anne Franks house etc.) For us everything ist fine and we are looking forward to our next stays in your house in 2015. (27 from Germany, 2 nights at Shelter Jordan)
  • thanks for hosting our group again. It was between good and very good. Staff is super friendly and helpful, the dinner worked out really well, the atmosphere is great and everything handled professionally. Next time again! (10 from Germany, 6 nights at Shelter Jordan)
  • our guests have had a good stay with you. I haven’t heard complaints. (10 from Germany, 1 night at Shelter City)
  • Thank you for everything. Super team. (14 from Belgium, 1 night at Shelter Jordan)
  • We really had a great time in Amsterdam, despite the variable weather, we managed to visit all what we had planned. Everything was really fine, we used a lot of services at reception (rent-a-bike, taxi, charging phones etc) and everyone was pleasant, rooms were clean and neat, as toilets and bathrooms, so we didn’t get any complain. I hope that we will collaborate in the future (36 from Serbia, 3 nights at Shelter Jordan)
  • We look back on a wonderful few days in Amsterdam. The students appreciated their stay. Great welcome and lovely coffee and cake. Very good that there was a room available for our bags/suitcases. We felt very welcomed and loved the fact that everything was ready for us. Thank you again for a very pleasant cooperation and organising everything by e-mail. Hats off to you! (29 from Holland, 2 nights at Shelter Jordan)
  • we’ve enjoyed very much our stay and are willing to come back again next year. (22 from Germany, 5 nights at Shelter Jordan)
  • Thank you, our stay was excellent. The students had a great time and enjoyed the hostel experience very much. Particular highlights were the breakfast on Saturday and the Open Mic on Friday. Staff couldn’t have been more helpful. Everything worked brilliantly. The first year we came we stayed at another hostel. Shelter hostels are far more secure, the staff have been much more helpful and accommodating and students have enjoyed their experience without temptation. I would recommend you to others. (44 from Germany, 2 nights at Shelter City)
  • Good atmosphere with all the young people there. (18 from Germany, 4 nights at Shelter City)
  • it was great! Thanks very much. (14 from Germany, 2 nights at Shelter City)

Reviews from Groups

  • We found you in the internet and chose you because we felt quite comfortable in a Christian hostel and you offered a good price performance ratio.- 23 from Germany in Shelter City
  •  Everything was perfect in your hostel…it was a great pleasure to come to visit you and we really enjoy your friendship and your kindness. – 19 from France in Shelter City
  •  Price: good also for students with a small limit to spend. Location: central, perfect for a visit to Amsterdam. The reservation process and information received: very good, clear, friendly. Check in: all was prepared; I was lucky that we could leave the baggage in a room when we arrived early in the morning. Staff at reception: friendly, cooperative. Staff in café: we were in the café only for breakfast: good; the café is a bit small when the whole class would have breakfast together. Accommodation (dormitories/rooms): ok. Facilities (showers/café/tourist information etc.): ok, always clean. Breakfast: good. Check out: fast, prepared – 21 from Switzerland in Shelter City
  •  thank you very much to you and your people, our stay was very good and we enjoyed your hospitality and the cleanliness of the dorms. – 16 from Switzerland in Shelter City
  •  We really enjoyed our stay with you and hope to come back another time! – 21 from Germany in Shelter Jordan
  •  We had a great time in the Shelter. The students enjoyed it. We (the teachers) want to thank you very much for all that you did and the high level of service. – 29 from the Netherlands in Shelter Jordan
  •  All of us were very thankful for the Shelter and the service provided. Both the Check in and the staff at the reception were great and friendly and helpful! – 36 from all over Eastern Europe in Shelter Jordan
  •  We were recommended to stay with you and had a great experience – thank you. – 13 from the Netherlands in Shelter City
  •  All the staff were very friendly and welcoming. Besides, they were all very professional and checked the entrance all the time. This made us feel very safe. Breakfast staff were friendly and efficient. The breakfast was the best part of the hostel, in our opinion. Great variety of food and drinks every morning. The café is a very pleasant place and we felt like at home there. I would like to thank the staff who proved to be both friendly and efficient. – 20 from Switzerland in Shelter City
  •  We all really enjoyed our time at the hostel. Everything went so smoothly and the young people felt safe even though in the middle of Amsterdam. We really felt at home! – 15 from the Netherlands in Shelter City
  •  They very much enjoyed the three days in Amsterdam – 38 from Switzerland in Shelter Jordan
  •  The reservation was handled in a very efficient and professional manner, which made it very easy for – 21 from the UK in Shelter Jordan
  •  Thank you very much!!! – 12 from Mongolia in Shelter Jordan
  •  Yes we have had a good time in Amsterdam. The time was to short for visit all of the famous things in Amsterdam. We have discussed yesterday on the airport that this travel was one of the most beautiful, which we have done. – 10 from Austria in Shelter City
  •  Thank you, we had a very pleasant stay at the Shelter Jordan. – 11 from France in Shelter Jordan
  •  Continue like this, it’s very good, we’ll come again! – 22 from Switzerland in Shelter City
  •  Our group love staying with you! – 10 from Portugal in Shelter City
  •  Our experience in your hostel has been really nice, the relation quality-price is good and the location is perfect to enjoy Amsterdam. For sure I will highly recommended your services to my friends. – 11 from Spain in Shelter City
  •  We had a great stay with you guys 🙂 Thanks again for everything! I have nothing but good to say about your place – 13 from USA in Shelter City
  •  We were very happy with our stay at your hostel and just thought that everything was good – 23 from Iceland in Shelter Jordan
  •  Rooms itself were basic but sufficient. Check in was great, we liked how the keys were ready with each name, and that each person gets their own key directly at check in – this is great! – 56 from UK in Shelter City
  •  we had a lovely time at your hostel, and everything you did for us. it is quite smalll and of human size, very reassuring for us;Not far from a nice neighbourhood. Easy to find, even the driver found it very clean and neat. very near to anne frank museum.Very handy because if the Church and clock nearby.Your prices are good. The sandwiches are correct The staff was very friendly and helpful. I felt fery safe, nicely welcomed. your cafeteria was the right size for our group. To me perfect and in the future I do hope to keep your address if we were coming again. Thank you again for all your answers and patience towards us. it has been lovely meeting you; – 25 from France in Shelter Jordan
  •  We liked to stay with you. We like your mission as a christian hostel. It is very good. it is located in a nice area. the price and service are reasonable – 11 from the Netherlands in Shelter Jordan
  •  Fantastic location, great price, nice big dorms (I thought it a great opportunity for our pupils to discover a new form of accomadation different from that they are used to at our boarding school) – 39 from France in Shelter Jordan
  •  Price: very affordable. Location: great! Quiet and nice neighbourhood. Museum and great places are easy to join by foot. The reservation process: Very good, complete, perfectly clear and, what is more, a nice human touch 🙂 Staff in cafe: nice and efficient. Accommodation (dormitories/rooms): rooms are very narrow but confortable and nicely soundproof. We totally approve of de separation of boys and girls. Facilities (showers/café/tourist information etc.) very good Dinner was a taste of Mummy’s food! Tasty, healthy natural products. We keep your adress for a next time and ‘ll give it to all our colleagues. Thank you very much – 39 from Belgium in Shelter Jordan
  •  thanks a lot for your hospitality really clean restrooms. Good and simple organized – 18 from Switzerland in Shelter City
  •  all was perfect, the group was very happy about their stay! – 26 from Austria in Shelter City
  •  Next year we will come again – 19 from Germany in Shelter City
  •  Thank you for all the efforts done. They are all very satisfied. – 13 from Germany in Shelter City
  •  We stay very well in the hostel! – 11 from Italy in Shelter City
  •  You have a very good location – 16 from France in Shelter City
  •  Everybody had a good time staying in Amsterdam. Thank you for your reactivity, your kindness and your patience. I was delighted to exchange with you. I knew the youth hostel by examining on the Internet. We chose you because you are the only ones to welcome big groups and people of more than 40 years. I shall recommend your youth hostel. – 52 from France in Shelter City
  •  Very helpful and kind! – 20 from Italy in Shelter City
  •  We had a great and safe time in Amsterdam. We returned in Italy full of life and energy. Thank you so much for your cooperations in all the reservation and check in process. You and all the Jordan’s staff were great! My students also like the location, the cafè and the staff very much. I choose Shelter Jordan for two reason: the location, very cool and quiet, and because it’s a no drugs and alcool hostel. That was too much important for me. Thanks for all!!! – 19 from Itay in Shelter Jordan
  •  We chose to stay with you because this is a Christian hostel. Overall we are very pleased and will come back with a group in 2016. – 22 from USA in Shelter Jordan
  •  Yes, that’s true, all of us enjoyed staying in Shelter Jordan Hostel. The cleanness was good, the rooms are comfortable, the staffs supported us in all doubts and gave to us good informations, besides, the Hostel has a good localization and a delicious breakfast. We are very pleased with all service that you offer to us. Thank you so much, – 13 from Brazil in Shelter Jordan
  •  We are very satisfied about all!! Inclusive the students. Thank you so much for your hospitality! – 22 from the Netherlands in Shelter Jordan
  •  The students had a good time at Shelter and liked the service. – 13 from all over Europe in Shelter Jordan
  •  we had a very good time in Amsterdam. The complete group was very satisfied with the hostel. Everything worked very well and there is nothing to complain about – 16 from Germany in Shelter City
  •  Its very good hostel, nice reception with explication. We are very happy by amsterdam and by hostel.Thank you -18 from France in Shelter City
  •  overall the student’s experience was a pleasant one. Thank you again for everything – 27 from USA in Shelter Jordan
  •  The hostel’s staff were very friendly. We arrived early in the morning and could leave our luggage before checking in. Also was offered immediately, to give us some information, which relates to the city. The rooms were absolutely complies with the requirements. You had his comfortable bed, and the associated locker, what everything was what we needed. All in all a pleasant stay. – 16 from Switzerland in Shelter Jordan
  •  we had a great time in Amsterdam. Everything was fine and there were no complaints at all. We were looking for a clean hostel at a central location within walking distance from the station. The price was good and staff was very helpful in the process of planning our trip. – 10 from Germany in Shelter City
  •  We really appreciated the welcome at your place, the very good breakfast and the great location in city centre. Close to Centraal station + affordable price for 10 students + reliable place since it is a Christian hostel. This was a good point to us since we wanted a secure place to sleep and the rules guaranteed us it would not be a mess (no alcohol/drugs etc) and that the dormitory would be quiet enough to sleep after a long day of visit. , and we wanted a reliable place to sleep, therefore the fact it was a Christian hostel was a very good point to us. – 10 from Germany in Shelter City
  •  It was wonderful! Your staff was wonderful,. it was great. Thanks and we will recommend to others! – 17 from Germany in Shelter Jordan
  •  Absolutely super, the hostel is located in the Centre and the staff are really friendly and helpful. Unfortunately, our room was not lockable. But we had lockable lockers in the rooms. – 12 from Germany in Shelter City
  •  All in all, it was for our intention (short trip to Amsterdam with a large group) perfectly!! Price-service-relation was good. The reception and introduction was very friendly. Perfect for a large group. – 16 from Greece in Shelter City
  •  Thanks a lot we had a great short trip to and in Amsterdam. I am sure I will be book your hostel during my next trip to Amsterdam. – 14 from Germany in Shelter City
  •  We’ve enjoyed our time in Amsterdam and in your house. We received a warm welcome, the dinner was very fine and our sleep was good. – 18 from Switzerland in Shelter Jordan

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