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Activities in Our Hostels in Amsterdam

We host a wonderful variety of events in our hostels in Amsterdam. We have two Christian hostels in Amsterdam: the Shelter City Hostel and the Shelter Jordan Amsterdam Hostel. In both of our hostels in Amsterdam, we organize free activities almost every evening. Our activities are free, because we want you to have an awesome stay in our hostels in Amsterdam. And we want to get to know you, help you to meet other travelers, and make the most out of your time in Amsterdam. This can be a free dinner, a movie night, or a Dutch Food Tasting Night. Book your bed now and find out which activities we’ll have while you’re here!

The Activities in Our Hostels in Amsterdam

The Shelter City and Shelter Jordan Hostels in Amsterdam are places where you can meet new people. We believe that meeting new people while traveling is just as exciting as getting to know a new city. Besides, traveling can be tiring, and on some days hanging out in the hostel is more attractive than exploring new places.

Whatever you are up to, we want you to enjoy your stay here as much as possible! That’s why we offer different free activities in our hostels to help you get connected. Check out the activity board in the café or at reception to stay up to date! Of course, the events in our hostels in Amsterdam are subject to change, but we usually offer these activities on a weekly basis:


We want to create a home-away-from-home experience for all of our guests. That’s why we organize a hostel night in both of our hostels in Amsterdam every other week on Friday nights. A free dinner party for all of our guests! We offer you a free homemade meal (3-course!) in our beautiful cafe and serve a fun program alongside it! Exchange traveling stories, enjoy a lovely homemade dinner, play amusing games, and listen to life stories. Give your legs a rest, make yourself at home and join for this fun time of getting to know people! Don’t miss out of this opportunity to meet guests and staff from all over the world!

City Walk (both of our hostels in Amsterdam)

No matter if this is your first or fiftieth time in Amsterdam: our volunteer Amsterdam tour guides will take you on a free walk tour to hidden treasures close to our hostels in Amsterdam. Discover the beauty of Amsterdam and get to know more about the city’s history and culture during this free walk tour Amsterdam. Tours take about 1.5-2.5 hours and start from the reception area. Don’t forget to bring your camera (and an umbrella when it rains! :)).

Bible Meditation (both of our hostels in Amsterdam)

Amsterdam can be a very overwhelming city. That’s why we love to offer you a time of rest and quietness, a time to reflect. No matter if you have never read the Bible or if you did that a hundred times: we invite you to try something new. Join our weekly Bible Meditation!

You might think: “What? A Bible meditation?” It is simple. Together with a small group of hostel guests and volunteers, you come together in a quiet area in the hostel. After a short introduction, you will spend some time in silence. One of our volunteers will read a short passage from the Bible. Feel free to listen to these old words and reflect or meditate on your life for some time. After the meditation, there is room to share thoughts. It’s a nice way to connect with other travelers and our volunteers.

Dutch Food Tasting

Looking for a fun free activity in Amsterdam? Join our Dutch Food Tasting! We organize this activity every other Friday around 8PM in our Shelter Jordan Hostel!

Learn more about the Dutch culture, try to pronounce Dutch words, fall in love with typical Dutch food, and find out why “Dutchies” eat “little mice” on their bread or color their food orange! A great way to get to know other travelers.

Film Discussion

For centuries movies bring us to a place of memory (remembrance), emotions, imagination. We would love to watch it with you and people from all around the world. A night to relax but also a night that takes you on a trip! Enjoy a thought-provoking movie and join our film discussion. Watch for free, snacks and drinks included!

Open Mic Night (only Shelter City Hostel Amsterdam)

We call it also cafe night. Fun, games, good times together. We will have a small stage in our café and would love to hear your stories, your music, or the poems you love. Be creative, and we’ll provide instruments. Our volunteers will also prepare a program. You are welcome just to listen and enjoy this special atmosphere! Join our very own open mic night. Great opportunity to meet guests from all over the world. Connect to our staff, hear the real stories, become part of our famous open mic and let us see and hear you! This is only organized in the Shelter City Hostel Amsterdam.

We also have occasional game nights and creative nights. Staff members are always up for something fun; don’t hesitate to ask!  Our hostels in Amsterdam provide the best activities for getting to know other travelers and volunteers. Book now and see for yourself.

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