What To Do in Amsterdam? 9 Ideas!

We have asked  our staff “What to do in Amsterdam?” Read their recommendations for what to do in Amsterdam!  


  • What to do in Amsterdam on a budget* (Things that are free)
  • What to do in Amsterdam if you’re short on time** (Ideas for a busy tourist)

And, of course, everything on this list is what to do in Amsterdam if you want to make the most of your experience here!

Seven bridges at one time: What To Do in Amsterdam #1*

“The bridges in Amsterdam are awesome. Go to Reguliersgracht and try to see how many bridges you can get in one picture.”  Thomas, 19, German, when asked what to do in Amsterdam

Go to Reguliersgracht and enjoy the moment of seeing 7 bridges in a row! This is possible because they are built in a straight line and you can see bridge behind bridge.

Vondelpark : What To Do in Amsterdam #2*

What to do in Amsterdam Vondelpark“What to do in Amsterdam? When you visit Amsterdam, you should definitely go to the Vondelpark. Go sit on a bench in the  field and just watch. People are picknicking, skating, running, playing music, doing tricks, taking their dogs out. I love it!”  Marie, 19, German

Vondelpark is the biggest and nicest park in Amsterdam and should be on your “Amsterdam to do list”.  It is definitely what to do in Amsterdam when you need a rest from all the busy-ness of the city.  When the temperature allows, you can just lay in the grass and enjoy the sunshine, go jogging, watch the birds, or listen to some good music. The coolest thing in summer is that there are free concerts in the open-air theatre! Don’t miss this green spot of relaxation.

“Brown Cafes” : What To Do in Amsterdam #3**

“My answer to the question ‘what to do in Amsterdam’ is  visit one of the ‘brown cafes’. You should check this out. Nice atmosphere and original look!”  Robby, 23, American

These are the traditional Dutch pubs where you can enjoy a nice beer. The name comes from the time when the walls turned brown because of cigarette smoke.  We recommendthe Café Karpersoek in Martelaarsgracht 2.  It is very old and it still has sand on the floor, which  was common in the 17th century.  This is what to do in Amsterdam if you’re looking for a trendy place to sit and have a drink.

Nemo Museum: What To Do in Amsterdam #4

Amsterdam Nemo brug“Visit the Nemo Museum, my favourite. It is a fun thing to do in Amsterdam. You  can feel and behave like a child”  Esther, 21, American, when asked what to do in Amsterdam

Nemo is an interactive science centre originally built for children but an insider tip for all fun-loving adults! You can smell, touch, see and hear how the world works. On top of the building there is a lovely roof to relax and enjoy the sunshine. Fun is guaranteed! If you want to have fun pictures and enjoy being a child, this is what to do in Amsterdam!

On top of the library: What To Do in Amsterdam #5*

“With my passion for literature I would say to your question ‘What to do in Amsterdam’, go to the library. A sofa, a nice book, and an extraordinary view. What more could you want? I love it!” Rebecca, 21, American

A wonderful place to relax and to have a great view over Amsterdam is the library. It’s what to do in Amsterdam if you truly appreciate books.  There are more things to do than just reading a book; you can find loads of CDs and even notes or paintings there! The best thing: it’s free and there are couches! A perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon.

I AMSTERDAM sign: What To Do in Amsterdam #6**What to do in Amsterdam Iamsterdam

“If you ask me ‘What to do in Amsterdam?’ I  recommend every tourist to go to the I Amsterdam sign. I am always up for climbing on things. To climb on the I Amsterdam sign is definitely a challenge”  David, 26, Dutch

This is a very popular attraction for tourists. There are two signs: one at Museumplein and one that travels around the city.  What to do in Amsterdam if you’re up for an adventure?  Seek the moving sign, climb on it, and take pictures!

Canal Cruise: What To Do in Amsterdam #7

What to do in Amsterdam Cruise

“It is beautiful to discover the city on this way, especially the night tours are amazing!” Cassie, 24, American, when asked what to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is famous for its charming canals. So you can’t miss the canal cruise. Did you know that Amsterdam has more canals than Venice? It is breathtaking to discover the city with a canal cruise and wave at all the people who have to walk.  This is what to do in Amsterdam if you want to enjoy the city from a unique perspective.

A Concert: What To Do in Amsterdam #8

“I have been to a very nice concert at Concertgebouw and it was a big highlight for me, go there if you enjoy classical music!” Marielle, 28, Dutch, when asked what to do in Amsterdam

No matter what kind of music you are interested in, Amsterdam has something for you! If you prefer classical music, you will fall in love with the Concertgebouw. If you want to save money, go to the free lunch concerts at 12:30 on Wednesday. You can also get tickets with a discount if you’re under 30.

If you are into jazz music spend some time in the Bimhuis! It is a beautiful location, and they offer free jazz concerts or jam sessions during the week.

Some pop stars also visit Amsterdam during their tour so look up if your favorite one will be here during your visit.  This is what to do in Amsterdam if you’re into music!

Eating Apple Pie at Winkel’s : What To Do in Amsterdam #9**

What to do in Amsterdam? Eat the best apple pie ever.What to do in Amsterdam Applepie

“This apple pie is legendary and you get addicted!” Anne, 20, German

Eating this apple pie shouldn’t be missing from your list of what to do in Amsterdam! Winkel’s apple pie is widely regarded as the very best in the city, and our staff definitely recommends it too!  It’s our favorite thing to do in Amsterdam when we’re looking for a nice dessert.  


Now you know what to do in Amsterdam, and we hope we can be your hostel when you decide to do it!  Have fun!


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