Tourist Attractions Amsterdam Offers

When people come to the city, they are often here for the main tourist attractions Amsterdam offers: Museums. Canal Tours. History. Coffee Shops. Night Life. Etc. Because we live in such a fast paced society, we often only take time to see these main tourist attractions, and as a result, many attractions Amsterdam offers go unnoticed. It’s a shame really, because this city offers so much more than what is advertised in the average tourism office. Sit back, and get prepared to go on a behind the scenes adventure that will make your next trip to Amsterdam more colourful, flavourful, and eclectic than it ever was before.

Tourist Attractions Amsterdam #5 - Winkel 43

This tourist attraction comes in the form of a cafe. This cafe is a must hit if you are willing to journey outside of the city centre to the residential Jordaan area. Having lived here in Amsterdam for a while now, this is one of the best places to buy apple pie. Freshly made in the glowing ovens of the cafe’s basement, and then transported to the upper level of the cafe by a dumbwaiter elevator system, this apple pie is sure to leave your taste buds satisfied.


Tourist Attractions Amsterdam # 4 - Westerstraat Market

If you happen to be in the city on a Saturday, this tourist attraction Amsterdam provides is definitely one you don’t want to miss. Because it is somewhat out of the way, it is not as famous as other tourist attractions Amsterdam offers in other parts of the city. All the same, you can be sure that it is crowded with locals every weekend. And what’s great about it is that this market is located on Westerstraat which is right beside Winkel 43, so you can hit up both attractions during your stay. This market starts around nine o’clock in the morning and lasts well into the afternoon, ending around three thirty or four o’clock. Here you can buy clothing, flowers, food, knickknacks, etc. all at very affordable prices. Be sure to to walk to the very end of the market and pick yourself up a freshly made stroopwafels available in a variety of flavours. You haven’t truly experienced Dutch culture until you’ve eaten one of these!

Tourist Attractions Amsterdam # 3 - Fault in Our Stars Bench

Ever since John Green’s book, The Fault in Our Stars, came out on video, Amsterdam has become a bit more famous in younger circles. Unfortunately, because of larger  tourist attractions Amsterdam boasts (for example: museums, coffee shops, etc.), the tourist attractions Amsterdam also has - like benches - are often overshadowed and not considered attractions. But what if the bench you sat on was a bench location used by Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters? Well then it might be a great place to check out. Located on Leidsegracht 4, you can experience Amsterdam just like your heart throb heroes.

Disclaimer: The original bench sat on by the actors has been stolen. But it has been replaced with another bench. Do not let someone else’s thievery rob you of an enjoyable experience of overlooking the canals side by side with your sweetheart.

Tourist Attractions Amsterdam # 2 - Swinging Over the Harbour

Tourist attractions Amsterdam offers often include the canals - which can be experienced on a variety of canal tours. Sometimes though, it is nice to enjoy oneself by simply overlooking a body of water. No one telling you in multiple languages what you are seeing as you pass by. Not being stuck on a boat for a length of time. Just you, a friend, and the beautiful harbour before you. Watching the wildlife, water, and reflections of the sun as you swing higher and higher into the sky. These swings are located behind Hannekes Boom, just to the left of Centraal Station. It is hidden, but these tourist attractions Amsterdam hides are worth finding! 

Tourist Attractions Amsterdam # 1 - Wijdesteeg - The Graffiti Street

This tourist attraction Amsterdam displays does not take long to walk through, but is definitely a great place to take pictures. Located just behind and beyond the royal palace in Dam Square, Wijdesteeg is an alleyway of colour. Pillars, walls, and the street itself have become a canvas for local graffiti artists to make their artistic mark on society. If you are looking for a new cover photo for your Facebook profile, this street is a hidden treasure waiting for you to discover.



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