Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

First impressions are always important and decisive for a relationship. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is the best way to build up a good relationship between you and the Netherlands. Schiphol is the best first impression of the Netherlands you can get.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is the 5th busiest airport in Europe, handling about 52 million passengers every year. But it’s not just a monstrous channel for millions of travellers. The Airport Schiphol gives a glimpse of Amsterdam’s character as a city. Clean, but not sterile; efficient, but not impersonal; colourful, but not overladen; Dutch, but uniquely international.  Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is a reflection of the city herself.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport – A Ship Graveyard

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is an experience on its own. This begins with the name. While the English- speakers pronounce it like “skip-ohl”, the original Dutch name sounds like a mule in serious pain. Apart from the sound, the name bears an interesting story. Schiphol means “Ship-Graveyard”, because the area used to be a huge lake, which was later dried out (Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is the only Airport of the planet that lies below sea-level!) Sometimes when one of the sudden northern winds came, many ships were claimed by the sea. But don’t worry, not a single plane ever crashed into Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.


Amsterdam Schiphol Airport – Attractions

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is a wonderful place to explore, while you are waiting for your departure or someone’s arrival. As part of the Rijksmuseum (Dutch National Gallery), there is gallery full of masterpieces to marvel at. If you aren’t interested in art, you can visit the National Aviation Museum Aviodrome and find out how Schiphol turned from a military basis to one of the best civil airports of Europe.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport also offers many choices for shopping, including a large variety of restaurants and a wellness area with rainforest showers, saunas, and massages.

Come and see Dutch openness and gezelligheid for yourself. You will not lack anything in Amsterdam’s gate to the world – Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.


Amsterdam Schiphol Airport – Location

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is located South-West, about 17 km away from Amsterdam.


Schiphol Amsterdam Airport
Evert van de Beekstraat 202
1118 CP Schiphol 

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport - Shelter City Hostel Amsterdam

  1. Trains from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central Station leave frequently. The trip takes 20 minutes and costs about 4 Euros.
  2. From Central Station take metro 51, 53 or 54 (underground) (one travelzone). Get off at the first stop, called Nieuwmarkt.
  3. Cross the square into Barndesteeg. The Shelter City is at number 21.

From the the Central Station it's just a 15 minute walk:

  1. From Central Station's main entrance, walk towards Damrak.
  2. Immediately after the first bridge turn left unto Prins Hendrikkade.
  3. Cross the street into Zeedijk. At the end of Zeedijk you enter a square called Nieuwmarkt (with a castle in the middle).
  4. Take the 3rd street on your right, called Barndesteeg. The Shelter City is number 21.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport - Shelter Jordan Amsterdam Hostel

  1. Take bus 197 to Amsterdam Marnixstraat bus station (last stop). The journey will take just about 30 to 40 minutes. You can buy your ticket on the bus (about 4 euro).
  2. Walk left (north) on Marnixstraat to the road junction with Rozengracht.
  3. Cross the road and the canal and turn left into Lijbaansgracht so you walk north with the water on your left.
  4. First right is Bloemstraat and the Shelter Jordan is located at number 179, just around the corner. 

Shelter City Hostel Amsterdam - Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

  1. Leave the hostel in direction Nieuwmarkt and enter Metro 51, 53 or 54 (underground) to Central Station.
  2. From there you can take a train to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. The ride takes 15 to 20 minutes.

Shelter Jordan Amsterdam Hostel - Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

  1. Leave the hostel and walk left and turn into Lijnbansgracht. Follow Lijnbansgracht south (left) and cross the canal on your right at the first bridge.
  2. Turn left after the bridge and follow Marnixstraat until you see a big parking garage on your right side.
  3. Take bus 197 to Schiphol Plaza, and arrive directly at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. It departs every 15 minutes. You can buy a ticket (about 4€) inside the bus. 


Meeting Point in the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Do you want to meet or pick up someone from the Airport Schiphol Amsterdam? In the Arrival Hall of Schiphol Plaza you can find a big red and white cube, where everyone meets. You can also send a message with “meet + friend’s name” to 5030 and your friend’s name will be displayed on a big screen at the meeting point.


Amsterdam Schiphol Airport – Flight Information

For current information about your flights at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport you can always visit:



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