What NOT to do as a Tourist in a Capital City

Often times being in a foreign city, everything is new, exciting, and you simply tend to not think very clearly due to all of your eagerness to explore and discover what awaits you in this new destination. However, capital cities are a huge hot spot for those looking to scam and steal from unknowing tourists. We understand the needs that are required for a successful journey. We would love to share some experiences based on our local knowledge. Above this we think we can make traveling in a Capital City easier, cheaper and more fun. If you are heading to a popular capital city in the near future, be sure you do NOT do the following things…


Our top 5 not to do in Amsterdam as a tourist!


1. Do NOT Trust Hostel Runners

Hostel runners are everywhere (at Central station and even in downtown Amsterdam). People who look like tourists (carrying backpacks or suitcases) will be accosted by them. Do not trust them. Their prices are invented on the spot. The hostel is always in an area you are not familiar with and their room rates turns out a lot higher than normally.


2. Do NOT Wear Your Expensive Camera Around Your Neck

This seems like a perfectly acceptable thing to do but no matter how safe you think it is, there are people that will still attempt to steal your camera (especially in the red-light-district-area). Keep your valuable camera around your neck when you are taking pictures but once you are done with that, always put it in a front facing safe backpack.


3. Do NOT Carry All of Your Money with You

This is a common mistake with tourists who do not know their specific plans for the day. They think that they need to take a bunch of money and all of their credit cards with them while heading out on an exploration in case they need it; however, that can be a potentially dangerous situation when it comes to pickpockets. Leave a good amount of money and at least one credit card back at your hostel in a safe place in case it somehow disappears.
What has recently become popular in Amsterdam is wearing a fake police uniform. If someone wearing a 'police uniform' approaches you and demands to see your wallet… Because there are false Euros in circulation, you can be sure that - if you comply - you'll soon discover that your real money was indeed exchanged for fake bills.


4. Do NOT Exchange Money at the Airport

The airports are completely aware that most tourists will want to exchange money right away after de-boarding the plane in their new destination. In knowing this, the exchange prices are going to some of the highest you will see. Simply wait until you get out of the airport and head to a legitimate place without the extremely high rates.


5. Do NOT Eat Next to a Major Tourist Attraction

This is one of the most common mistakes that tourists make in any given capital city because it seems to be the most convenient way to enjoy a meal. However, due to the fact that places like Leidseplein in Amsterdam get the most tourist traffic, the prices for meals and drinks are going to absolutely skyrocket! Instead, head outside of the touristy places and enjoy just as good of a meal for a much cheaper price.
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Cheers Shelter Hostels Amsterdam!



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