Albert Cuyp Market

There is no better place to experience the eclectic culture of Amsterdam than wandering the Albert Cuyp Market. The most popular street market in the Netherlands and the largest daily market in Europe, the Albert Cuyp Market has thrived for more than 100 years.  If you’re in Amsterdam, don't skip the Albert Cuyp Market. 

Albert Cuyp Market - History

Located in the neighborhood of Amsterdam known as "de Pijp", the Albert Cuyp market began in 1905 as a collection of street vendors along Albert Cuyp Straat. Originally only on Saturdays, the Albert Cuyp Market began running all working days in 1912. The Albert Cuyp market now boasts 260+ vendors and is the largest street market in the Netherlands.The Albert Cuyp Market offers visitors the chance to shop for everything from fresh fruits and veggies to fashionable clothing and jewelry and to sample some of the best local fare, including freshly-pressed stroopwafels and Gouda cheese.

Tastes of the Albert Cuyp Market

Visiting the Albert Cuyp Market is the perfect opportunity to sample some of the most famous Dutch fare. For the more daring, there is the infamous Dutch delicacy pickled herring. The Dutch are also well-known for their cheese, and there are numerous vendors offering a countless variety of cheeses.  If you’re craving something sweet, a fresh stroopwafel or an order of poffertjes (mini-pancakes) will likely do the trick. The Albert Cuyp Market is also filled with fresh fruit and vegetable stands, as well as vendors offering a wide range of sausages, nuts, dried fruits, chocolates, candies, and other take-away treats.  Take something delicious home, and bring your friends and family a taste of Holland!

Albert Cuyp Market - Hours

The Albert Cuyp Market is open Monday through Saturday from 9AM - 5 PM.

Albert Cuyp Market - Location


Albert Cuyp Market
Albert Cuyp Straat

Shelter City Hostel Amsterdam - Albert Cuyp Market (a 24 minute walk)

  1. Turn left out of the hostel onto Barndesteeg.

  2. Turn right onto Kloveniersburgwal.

  3. Turn left onto Bushuissluis.

  4. Turn right onto Kloveniersburgwal and continue on as it becomes Halvemaansbrug and then Halvemaansteeg.

  5. Turn left onto Rembrandtplein.

  6. Turn right to stay on Rembrandtplein and continue onto Utrechtsestraat.

  7. Take a slight right onto Frederiksplein and continue onto Westeinde.

  8. Turn right onto Stadhouderskade.

  9. Turn left onto Nicolaas Berchemstraat, and arrive at the Albert Cuyp Market.

Shelter Jordan Amsterdam Hostel - Albert Cuyp Market (a 33 minute walk)

  1. Turn left out of the hostel onto Bloemstraat.

  2. Turn left onto Lijnbaansgracht.

  3. Turn right onto Rozengracht.

  4. Turn left onto Marnixstraat.

  5. Take a slight left toward Leidseplein and then turn left onto Leidseplein.

  6. Turn right toward Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen.

  7. Turn left onto Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen.

  8. Continue onto Flevoroute/Weteringschans.

  9. Turn right toward Weteringlaan.

  10. Turn right onto Weteringlaan and continue as it veers slightly right, becoming Ferdinand Bolstraat.

  11. Turn left onto Daniel Stalpertstraat.

  12. Turn right onto Gerard Duoplein.

  13. Turn left onto Eerste van der Helststraat/Gerard Douplein/Gerard Doustraat.

  14. Turn left onto Eerste van der Helststraat, and arrive at the Albert Cuyp Market.



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