Why Rent a Bike in Amsterdam?

Why Rent a Bike in Amsterdam?

The city of Amsterdam is best experienced by bike. There are bike paths everywhere, and it’s actually much easier to get around by bike than by car! Biking allows you to experience the city like a local, and you get around to all the best attractions. Almost everything is located in the City Centre, so it is definitely possible to navigate the city by foot. But it’s even easier and faster to get around if you rent a bike in Amsterdam. Get the most out of your visit and rent a bike in Amsterdam!

10 Things You Need to Know Before You Rent a Bike in Amsterdam

1. Don’t mess with the locals

Everywhere you go, you’ll see Dutch people biking with a phone in one hand, an umbrella in the other, and balancing 4 grocery bags or three kids. Don’t try this yourself! Dutch people learn how to ride a bike before they walk. Stay safe! And follow the bike traffic signs and laws!

2. Lock your bike

Always. Seriously! Even if your bike isn’t nice, lock it. Even if you’re only going inside for two minutes, lock it! Twice! There are bike thieves and funny guys who randomly throw bikes in the canals everywhere. Safe yourself the money and troubles. Especially when you rent a bike in Amsterdam. Most places will consider you liable for theft if you didn’t lock the bike.

3. Trams are Dangerous

Be aware of the trams when you rent a bike in Amsterdam. They expect cyclists to take care of themselves and avoid the trams! Stay alert and listen for the tram bells. Also, stay clear of the tram tracks. Your bike wheel can get stuck in there, and you might lose your bike to the tram! If you rent a bike in Amsterdam, just be aware of the cars, trams, and buses!

4. Don’t Stop in the Bike Lane

Just don’t! Because people will definitely run into you. Not only that, but locals might even get aggressive and yell at you. If you’re really lost, pull onto a sidewalk or an empty side street.

5. Don’t Ride in the Wrong Direction

Riding in the wrong direction on a bike path is very dangerous. Remember, motorcycles also take the bike path. When you rent a bike in Amsterdam, stay on the bike path on the right side of the road.

6. Signal Your Turns!

So that others can see where you want to drive and avoid colliding with you. Just point your arm in the direction you’re going and glance back to make sure the way is clear.

7. Be Humble

“The cleverer one gives in” is your motto on the bike. Reduce the possibility of an accident by being a cautious driver and letting other people go first.

8. Use Lights at Night

When you rent a bike in Amsterdam, you really want to make sure your bike has lights. Then, other people can see you, and you won’t be pulled over by the police.

9. Walk Your Bike Around Pedestrians

You’re required to walk your bike on pedestrian paths and shopping streets. Otherwise, you could really hurt someone. Be respectful and kind.

10. Have fun!

Okay, maybe we made renting a bike in Amsterdam sound a bit stressful, but – trust us – it’s worth it! Just be safe and careful.
Check out this (funny) video for more advices on how to ride your bike in Amsterdam (sorry about the accent ;-)).

Fun Facts about Bikes in Amsterdam

  • There are more bikes than people!
  • 40% of all traffic movement is by bike.
  • About 10,000 bikes (!) are found in the canals (!) every year.
  • You can ride a bike and drink beer simultaneously on a special beer bike limo.
  • Amsterdammers drive their whole family around on bikes
  • Nobody EVER wears a helmet! It’s not required here
  • In total, the bike lanes of Amsterdam are 400 km long
  • Most of the time people don’t ride alone on their bikes, but they often carry someone on their back

Where Can You Rent a Bike in Amsterdam?

It is a pleasure to discover Amsterdam in the traditional way on a bike and we can help you with that:
You can rent a bike directly from the Shelter Jordaan hostel and start your tour in front of our door. At the Shelter City, you can rent a bike at the shop next door.

How to Rent a Bike in Amsterdam?

Just tell our friendly receptionist: “I would like to rent a bike”.
You get a contract to sign and you have to pay a 50 Euro deposit per bike which you get back when you return the bike undamaged. Take the keys and start an awesome tour!

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