Amsterdam Flower Market

The Amsterdam flower market is one of Amsterdam’s most popular tourist attractions and the one and only floating flower market in the world!

Interesting Facts About the Amsterdam Flower Market

All the flower stalls stand on houseboats! This is related to the time when all the plants and flowers were brought to the market by boats from out of town.

Besides the monuments, you can also find an arched and wide bridge. This bridge, called the Torensluis, is the oldest and widest remaining bridge in Amsterdam.

The Canal Itself - Amsterdam Flower Market

The canal on which the Amsterdam flower market is built upon – the Singel - encircled the whole city and served as a moat to defend the city of Amsterdam until 1585. It runs from the IJ bay to the Muntplein, and along it national monuments were built. One of these monuments is house number 140-142; the former house of Frans Banning Cocq –the man right in the middle of Rembrandt’s famous painting; The Night Watch. There is also a story about house number 7; it’s said to be the narrowest house in the world!

What to Expect from the Amsterdam Flower Market

As said before, the stalls at the Amsterdam flower market stand on houseboats, which is definitely something you won’t see every day. Besides the big variety of flowers in all kinds of colors – yes, that means you can even find black tulips at the Amsterdam flower market – there are also some stalls with typical souvenirs.

Precautions when Visiting the Amsterdam Flower Market

Since the Amsterdam flower market is a popular attraction for tourists, it is also a spot for pick-pocketing. Don’t lose sight of your personal belongings!
For the people that come from outside of Europe, you should ask the florists for a special stamp, which will allow you to take your flowers on the plane with you.

Amsterdam Flower Market - Hours

Monday to Saturday: 9 a.m. – 5.30 p.m.
Sunday: 11 a.m. – 5.30 p.m.

Shelter City Hostel Amsterdam - Amsterdam Flower Market (12 min walk)

  1. When you walk out of the Shelter, turn left.

  2. Once facing the square with the castle, turn right.

  3. Keep walking straight. The street you’re walking on is named Kloveniersburgwal. (The first street you’ll pass on your right is called Oude Hoogstraat. The second one you’ll pass on your right is named Rusland).

  4. Until now you’ve walked around 500 m and you’ll see that the street bends slightly right and becomes Nieuwe Doelenstraat. Follow this street.

  5. At the end of this street you’ll see a bridge. Once you’ve crossed this bridge (called Doelensluis), cross the big street.

  6. Turn left towards the Munt Tower.

  7. Arrive at the Amsterdam flower market on your right.

Shelter Jordan Amsterdam Hostel - Amsterdam flower market (18 min walk)

  1. When you walk out of the Shelter, turn right.

  2. Enter the first street on your right: Akoleienstraat.

  3. From now on you’ll be walking straight for quite some time:

  4. Continue unto Tweede Rozendwarsstraat.

  5. Continue unto Tweede Laurierdwarsstraat.

  6. Continue unto Hazenstraat.

  7. At the end of this street you’ll be facing Looiersgracht, turn left.

  8. Cross the canal Prinsengracht.

  9. Keep walking straight and cross the next canal: Keizergracht.

  10. Keep walking straight and cross the next canal: Herengracht.

  11. You’ll be facing the canal Singel, don’t cross it but turn right.

  12. Keep walking straight until Koningsplein.

  13. You’ll be facing the Amsterdam flower market.




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