Rembrandt Museum

Looking for something filled with history, bizarre trinkets, and art? Well then, you should take a trip to the Rembrandt museum. The Rembrandt Museum Amsterdam shows you how Rembrandt lived and worked in the golden years. With every corner you turn, you will find something fascinating.

Rembrandt Museum – History

What is now known as the Rembrandt museum started out as a normal house built in 1606. This is where Rembrandt lived for 19 years, producing much of his art. 250 years later this historical home was purchased by the government and turned into the Rembrandt Museum in 1911. The Rembrandt Museum was restored to resemble Rembrandt’s life when living there. In 1990, an additional wing was added to show more of Rembrandt’s art.

Feeling of Rembrandt Museum Amsterdam

The Rembrandt Museum Amsterdam takes you back in time. When you walk into the Rembrandt Museum you feel as though you stepped back into time by the layout of the house, the furniture, and the bizarre collection of trinkets from around the world. The Rembrandt Museum shows you how Rembrandt lived and where he created so many of his world famous paintings. The NightWatch painting is not at the Rembrandt Museum anymore. You can find it at the Rijksmuseum. At the Rembrandt Museum you can see,

  • the original studio Rembrandt painted in
  • Rembrandt’s small box bed
  • Rembrandt’s bizarre collection of rarities like butterflies     or crocodile heads, from all over the globe.

To get a true feeling of Rembrandt’s life and the Dutch golden age of art, pay the Rembrandt Museum a visit!

Practical information

Open: daily from 10 am – 6 pm.


Rembrandt House Museum

Jodenbreestraat 4

1011 NK Amsterdam

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