Resistance Museum

Resistance Museum Amsterdam – WWII in Holland

One year after World War II broke out, the Nazis occupied Holland. On the 14th of May 1940, the Dutch government surrendered, and the Nazis reigned until May 1945 when Germany lost the war against the Allies. The Resistance Museum Amsterdam presents the story of people trying to survive in a society that doesn’t allow you to be yourself or to do what is right.  You get to know people who showed resistance through hiding Jews, forging Passports, striking, or writing underground newsletters.You are also exposed the ones who tried to adapt to the system and live their lives as normally as possible.


The museum gives a chronological history from the 30s until the end of the war, by providing original artifacts, countless pictures, documents, sound clips, and film material.  The Resistance Museum Amsterdam creates a vivid and accurate image of what it was like to wander through the streets of Holland in that time, how the Dutch colonies in the East Indies suffered during World War II, and how thousands of children had to be evacuated and to Dutch farms to save them from starvation. For children, the Resistance Museum Amsterdam has a special exhibition, which shows the lives of children in that time. Recommended! The permanent exhibition is presented in English and Dutch.



Plantage Kerklaan 61A,
1018 CX Amsterdam

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