Tulip Museum Amsterdam

Tulip Museum Amsterdam

As you stroll the streets of Amsterdam, you might notice that there are tulips everywhere! Tulips are the national flower of the Netherlands, even though they originated in the Ottoman Empire. They were brought to Holland in 1593 and became famous because of their extraordinary beauty. Tulips became a status symbol, so people spent more and more money for the bulbs. A “tulip-mania” grew among the people and, in the end, one bulb cost as much as a canal house, or a 10-year income! Even though “tulip-mania” eventually ended, tulips are still a big deal in Holland. “National Tulip Day” is celebrated every January. The owner of the Tulip museum expressed his love for tulips by founding a museum about them.

Visit the Tulip Museum Amsterdam

Do you want to know more about Holland’s most famous flower?  Take time and visit the Tulip Museum to see the history of the tulips here in the Netherlands!

Open: daily from 10 am – 6 pm.

Tulip Museum Amsterdam
Prinsengracht 116
1015 EA Amsterdam

For more information visit:  amsterdamtulipmuseumonline.com

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